Nitter instance uptime & health tracker


Uptime check interval: 900s.

Instance re-fetching interval, including RSS & version check: 900s.

Fetched latest commit: c6edec04901d0a37799499ed4c6921db640fb5a4

The following paths are checked per instance:

Table Explanations

Settings for visible columns are stored locally per client.


The same data as visible in the website/table can also be fetched as JSON from /api/v1/instances (link). Note that the data only changes in the intervals stated above. Thus requesting it very often will get you rate limited.

Please do not use instances listed here for scraping(?) ! Instead host your own nitter instance, so public instances can be used by less tech savy people and not get overrun by you. You can get help with that at the listed matrix channel.

The purpose of this API is to serve services like Twiiit, Farside or people looking for indication that their RSS feed is down - but not scrapers. Scraping will bring the downfall of public instances.


License: AGPL3