All Nitter public instances shut down.

There are no public instances left for you to use.

Why ?

Nitter has already been struggling to keep up with the changes Twitter made on their side after 2022.

In January 2024, the Twitter API used by Nitter to fetch data from Twitter got shut down.

Without this, there is no way to run instances on the scale needed for the public instances that got listed here.

That's unfortunate. But I still want to use Nitter !

If you want to continue running Nitter, you can do so using a normal Twitter account.

Do note however, that this cannot and will not scale, and is in a legal grey-area. Proceed at your own risk.

See here for setting up Nitter if you feel brave enough and don't fear the command line.

But there are some instances ?

Through the thankless work of some there is a tiny amount of instances left. These will be slow and can not expose RSS to prevent the huge volume of bot attacks. The latter one also makes captchas and other anti-botting methods a requirement.

Instances About